Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A rough draft of a new poem...

I have been to the void and back
More times than Psychiatrists can prescribe
And in all those journeys
I have learned to appreciate
When the void becomes an opening
A potential
Not a lack
I have learned to appreciate the fullness
    of forgetting
Ignorance is bliss
And knowing is divine
Your love is a statement of fact
Five weeks of doubt cannot crack
As rough the days are now
Your presence makes them smooth
What else could cause that rock to skip
Worlds away
You bring me home to the present
Presently lacking you
Root me deep in your limbic soul
Where I'll be more than a weed
And chaos is crickets on a porch
You are with me always
Even as you are 10 hours my senior
Tell me what the future holds
Beyond space and time
Far away, in my bed
I sleep with you every night
Five weeks of doubt cannot disprove your ghost
Enfolding me as we speak
Five weeks of darkness
Remind me
Days sink and drag
Void potential becomes kinetic
Falling faster
Till smoothed-heart skip
Your memory refining the edges
Softening the blow
   of five weeks
I have seen the void
Context makes it possible
A new language
Bending time and space
To refine this heart of stone
Send me skipping
Coming home

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